Castleton Baptist Church

St. Mellons Road, Marshfield, Cardiff, CF3 2TX

Pray with us
We believe in the power of prayer. We would love you to with us in praying for our brothers and sisters who so desperately need our intercessions. Here's a small list of people who are close to our hearts at the moment. If you can pray for these people, you would be joining with us. Thank you for your time.
Ramy from Palestine
Study the Scriptures daily to show yourself approved.
Ibrahim from Jerusalem
For the unity of all the churches everywhere.
Fthr Hamer from Cardiff
For all those lost in war, for all those who live in war.
Daniel from Germany
For my family
John Irena from Greece
Brothers and sisters
Pray for all brothers and sisters who suffer.
Mark John from Cardiff
Pray for the Good God to grant his mercy upon all.
Arthur Ballas from Cardiff
Unspoken prayers requested for my friend, Glyn.
James Bateman from Cardiff
Pray for us.
Pray for my family as we continue to suffer the death of a loved one.